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Terry Slattery

President & CEO

Terry grew up in an Air Force family and spent four years in the Air Force himself. He got his degree in economics and hopes to call Texas home again one day. After college, Terry joined IBM and became one of their leading salespeople when he first began using value differentiation. After working for IBM for five years, he became a customer and ran IT operations for a Fortune 1000 manufacturer.

After a few years, he raced back to sales and spent the next 13 years selling manufacturing solutions and decision support systems to a variety of industries with differing levels of customer sophistication.

In 1985, Terry founded Slattery Sales Group because he’d discovered he enjoyed teaching and helping other sales people succeed. He has developed value differentiation strategies for clients in more than 100 industries, re-engineered their sales processes, and trained and coached executive and sales management and their sales organizations. He has helped all of them — from home-based enterprises to Fortune 100 companies — increase their top-line revenue and decrease their selling costs.

Terry is also the creator of Wimp Junction® — a program that teaches how to recognize and eliminate nonproductive sales behavior, especially during complex sales — and has helped tens of thousands of salespeople improve their sales productivity.

“There’s joy in watching the light go on and seeing my clients’ success increase. I play jazz piano and I see parallels in the sales world. We have the basic tune out there, the marketplace dance that goes on, now what are we going to do to make this interesting, elegant, and more profitable? It’s sales Jazz – we take your chops and skills and show you improvisations that will make you more money.”


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