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About Slattery Sales Group

We empower salespeople to win at complex sales.

What We Do For You

Since 1985, Slattery Sales Group has been delivering our unique salesforce training to professionals in complex sales worldwide, helping companies increase their margins, shorten their sales cycle, and respond quickly to competitive threats, by targeted strengthening of each member of their sales teams.

With a variety of training, coaching, and consulting options available, we look forward to to helping you increase revenue and take your salesforce to the next level, through a targeted approach that first identifies and then addresses the specific areas where you can grow!

Slattery Sales Summit

Our Slattery Sales Summit chisels sales muscle and teaches you how to control the battle for maximum closing ratios.

Advanced Program

Our Advanced Program offers targeted instruction in the Slattery Sales Method in a hybrid training, coaching, and consulting format. 

Private Consulting

Slattery Sales Group can get your entire sales team up to speed with custom-tailored sales consulting.

Sales Insights Evaluations

Slattery Sales Group are certified administrators of industry standard-setting Objective Management Group's salesperson evaluations, delivering personalized recommendations to grow your sales team. 

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Our Team

For over 35 years, we've helped businesses of all sizes win at complex sales.

Terry Slattery
President & CEO

In 1985, Terry founded Slattery Sales Group because he’d discovered he enjoyed teaching and helping other sales people succeed.

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Jennica Dixon
COO, Slattery Training

Jennica is dedicated to leading the online delivery of Slattery’s training, coaching, and consulting services; managing all Slattery content and intellectual property and online curriculum materials; and coaching the Slattery method.

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Success Stories

"Terry taught me how to develop relationships in a very non-threatening manner, nurture and ask questions without being an interrogator, how to ask business appropriate questions no matter how sensitive the subject might be, and how to be a consultative sales person."
Commercial Broker
Coldwell Banker Commercial Griffin Companies
"I've worked with the Slattery system for 15 years and our organization has for a lot longer. It's one of the fundamental reasons we have been so successful at acquiring new clients as well as keeping existing customers. I'd highly recommend Terry and his system to anyone trying to take their sales organization to the next level."
Senior Vice President
CEBS, REBC Associated Financial Group
"Terry Slattery's insight into determining what the differentiating value of your product or service is versus your competitors has been transformative for me in my selling career. I have worked with Terry for over 25 years. His methodology to understand a customer's pain and what they are giving up by not doing business with you is genius."
Senior Partner
Decision Processes International