Slattery Training was founded in 2020

by Terry Slattery and Jennica Slattery Dixon

to be the online home of Slattery Sales Group's

training, coaching, and consulting services.

About Terry

Terry Slattery left a successful high-tech sales career to found the Slattery Sales Group (SSG) in 1985, where he still teaches and helps salespeople and their leadership succeed in complex sales.

He has developed value differentiation strategies for clients in more than 100 industries, re-engineered their sales processes, and trained and coached executive and sales management and their sales organizations. He has helped all of them — from home-based enterprises to Fortune 100 companies — increase their top-line revenue and decrease their selling costs.

Terry is also the creator of Wimp Junction® — a program that teaches how to recognize and eliminate nonproductive sales behavior, especially during complex sales — and has helped tens of thousands of salespeople improve their sales productivity.

Terry is also the author of "The Cinnamon Story".

About Jennica

Jennica Dixon comes from a background in banking and finance, with experience in both the corporate and not-for-profit industries.

As Terry Slattery’s daughter, she has had a front-row seat over the decades to watch countless clients completely transform their sales results by adopting Terry’s simple qualification process.

Jennica is dedicated to coaching the Slattery method, leading the online delivery of Slattery’s training, coaching, and consulting services; and managing all Slattery content and intellectual property.  She enjoys helping sales leaders and professionals close more deals in less time at higher margins.

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