Advanced Training Workshops

Differentiating Value

Discover your differentiating value (DV) and how to leverage it throughout the sales process. Often what companies think differentiates them from their competitors is not the real core differentiating value that shows prospects why they need to choose your company. In addition to discovering your DV, this workshop examines your sales process and shows your salespeople how to express your DV throughout that process to the right people so that you’re not competing as a commodity. You’ll develop powerful language about what makes your offering unique and demonstrably better, plus the value it delivers to your customers.

Competitive Analysis

Dig into the gritty details of how your sales force is selling against your competition and discover effective new ways to deal with the issues your competitors are raising with your prospects. This is especially valuable in industries like IT when you have a competitor who has released a newer product than yours. You still need to get a good price for your product while you’re developing the next generation and this is where the competitive analysis really makes money for our clients. This module can be purchased alone or as part of the Differentiating Value module.

Revenue Forecast

What could you do with a much more accurate revenue forecast? These forecasts are key for boards, bankers, and charting your company’s future. We can remove most of the unreliability from the forecasts created by the average sales force and create a robust forecasting process that’s easily wedded to most CRM systems to avoid redundant data entry.

We give sales forces the tools, training and processes they need to make significant improvements in the close rate, the quality of new clients, and the price they’re realizing for your services or products. Call us today to find out the best way to deliver this for your company: 952-832-5436.

Slattery Sales Group Decision Processes International Case Study

Decision Processes International Case Study


How do you sell a service to clients who don’t know they need it and may need to check their egos just to listen to your ideas? Decision Processes International (DPI) is a global consultancy full of strategically brilliant and accomplished business people who offer powerful strategic help for companies — but they found themselves selling to the wrong prospects and stuck in endless sales cycles with low hit rates.

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