Improve margins.

Shrink sales cycles.

Command value.

Enhance your skills and results with the Slattery Sales Program. Enjoy increased top-line revenue, lower selling costs, bankable forecasts, higher closing rates, and stronger margins.

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Selling Today Hasn't Gotten Any Easier.

Prospects are pushing you for ridiculous concessions.

You're being compared to your lower-priced competitors.

Customers are sending out RFI/RFPs that don't account for your value.

You're presenting your solution to prospects who act interested but don't buy.

You're being asked to match the price of competitors who aren't as good as you.

You can get to the C-suite, but have trouble getting back there after they send you to Nerdley.

You're trapped at procurement, supply chain, or vendor management and struggling to get to a real customer.

Whatever your title, role, or industry, you run conversations that generate revenue for your business.

CEO. Founder. CRO. Salesperson. Relationship manager. Sales team leader. Entrepreneur. Independent service provider. Consultant. Independent insurance agent. Financial planner. Manufacturing rep. SaaS provider. Distribution & logistics rep. Account manager. Sales manager.

And today, that's more challenging than ever.

Are your prospects telling you, "Times are tough..."?

Are they demanding ludicrous payment terms?

Are you seeing fewer ideal prospects in your deal pipeline?

Are competitors making impossible promises to win the deal?

Are your prospects dragging out the length of your sales?

Are your margins shrinking just enough to make you nervous?

Are your clients trying to change standing agreements for lower prices?

What would it mean for your business if you could:

  • Stop spending precious time and resources selling to unqualified prospects?
  • Learn how to fully qualify sales opportunities and not wimp out with unpaid consulting?
  • Close higher-margin deals (through better differentiation and shortened sales cycles)?
  • Fill your sales pipeline through better targeting and more effective qualification, providing fiction-free forecasts?
  • Stop sounding like all the other salespeople out there and start engaging prospects with clarity?


You've paid the consultants for their great ideas, but you still have the problem.

You've attended the seminars and you've watched the training, but your sales process is underperforming.

You've heard some great-sounding selling systems, but none could be implemented effectively.

You've read the books and you've watched different methods, but your forecast is still coming up short.

You have some pieces of an effective sales process in place, but feel like you're missing something.

You bought the fancy CRM, but are still waiting for the promised R.O.I. on it.

But the results you seek are still eluding you.

Is it time to adapt your proven skills & strategies

to sell at a higher level and change your results?


The Slattery Sales Program

The Slattery Sales Program is a 6-month teaching & coaching program that combines in-demand Slattery sales process training with high-impact live coaching and personalized consulting in an exclusive group of peer professionals.

We'll help you master the skills, techniques, and clarity needed to control and win complex sales at high margins

“Once you master this way of selling, you get your dignity back as a sales person.”

“We learned so much it was absolutely phenomenal... I was overwhelmed by how much we learned and how much we were able to put into play immediately."

Signs your Sale is on Life Support

  • You're responding to an RFP you didn't help create.
  • Your clients and prospects are pushing for more payment concessions.
  • Your prospect looked interested and told you they're thinking over your offer.
  • You're up against competitors that seem to offer the exact same 'stuff' at lower prices.
  • You're telling prospects what value you can bring them. (You probably didn't see that one coming...)

With our help in the Slattery Sales Program, you will:

  • Qualify your sales opportunities to avoid unpaid consulting.
  • Leverage your real Differentiating Value and protect your margins throughout the sales process.
  • Position your company to beat the competition in spite of your higher prices.
  • Develop powerful language about what makes your offer unique and demonstrably better.
  • Adopt world-class communication skills that will set you apart from your competitors so prospects engage (willingly!) with you.
  • Strategize effective new ways to deal with the issues that competitors are raising right now with your prospects.

The Slattery Sales Program Includes:

Sales Skills & Process Training

"A lot of times you go into these trainings and you know 90% of the material already, and you’ll get maybe 10%... Wow. I was overwhelmed by how much all of us learned and how much we were able to put into play immediately."

We teach a holistic, prospect-centered selling system that not only teaches the right steps to follow from prospecting to closing, but also teaches the nuanced behavioral and communication skills needed to effectively engage prospects and win high-value deals at high margins.

You can learn the material over 12 modules of high-impact, interruption-free sales process training at your own speed, from wherever you are. Self-pace it. Replay it. And replay it again. The materials are available to you for your full 6 months of the Slattery Sales program.

Live Weekly Coaching Calls

On weekly private group coaching calls, you can ask questions about your live deals in process, sales challenges, difficult stalls, squirmy prospects, and any other conundrums you're facing, and also practice role-playing the techniques you're learning in the sales process training with live feedback.

We know you're busy, so all calls are recorded and available for you to review at your convenience in case you can't make it to a call. (You can still get personalized coaching -- just submit your question ahead of time!)

Our Valuable Templates & Exercises

You'll have the opportunity to complete various exercises using our valuable proprietary templates, which we'll share with you in our online curriculum. You'll be able to fully customize them to your sales as you apply our methods and processes to your business, so you leave the Slattery Sales Program with assets and language unique to your opportunities in the marketplace.

We'll provide you with feedback on your work through our consulting services (below) to help you enhance and refine your language as you progress.

Private Consulting

Throughout your time the Slattery Sales program, you'll submit certain exercises from the sales process training modules for expert private consulting.

These exercises will help you articulate and leverage your real Differentiating Value; enhance your responses to stalls & put-offs; develop competitive strategy, and more.

We'll review your work and record our feedback in a private video for you to review at your own time and frequency to level up your work. (Some of our clients tell us these videos are the most valuable asset in the Program. They love being able to pause, speed up, and replay the feedback to really absorb it!)

The personalized feedback will help you polish up and level up your positioning and communication, so you can compete in the marketplace at a significantly higher level.

Exclusive Hand-Picked Community

In our private community, you will join a hand-picked group of professional peers who understand the challenges of selling and complex sales are personally invested in their own increasing success. Share sales wins, losses, comments and questions between coaching calls to get further guidance on your deals in process and how to apply the Slattery system.

And best of all... six months access to all of it.

Six months of high-impact weekly coaching calls.

Six months of live questions, answers, feedback, role-play, and practice as you learn high-level material.

Six months of private consulting on your work.

We work with you on your call strategy, Differentiating Value, Competitive Sales Analysis, and more!

Six months of Slattery sales skills & process training.

You have 24/7 access, from anywhere in the world. You self-pace your progress and replay the material as often as you want.

Our Clients

2,400+ client companies, thousands of salespeople,

170+ industries, and almost 4 decades...

To say that they have transformed our sales would be a complete understatement.”

- Director of Business Development, precision manufacturing company

“Our business is specialized. When we hire people to help us, they often don’t understand what we do. But this tailored approach – it really fit our business.”

- Founder and President, energy consulting business

Our senior level subject matter experts need to generate revenue. Slattery’s approach is extremely well-aligned with how we look at sales in a professional services environment.

- CEO, consulting firm

"Best training I've ever encountered."

"Always the best sales strategies!"

"Best training and advice I have ever had as a sales professional."

"You should only pay attention if you want to increase your sales and margins."

"Follow Slattery's rules and make more sales. Guaranteed!"

"If you are not working with Slattery, you are losing deals you should be winning."

"On the very first day I started learning the Slattery method, I turned a price request into a $250,000 deal. Thank you!

"This strategy is applicable and successful across multiple industries. I still recommend this training to other sales reps!"

"Still using your techniques with great success, COVID and all! We are now $1.3B!!!!!"

Here's what you can expect:

Over our 6 months together in the Slattery Sales program, you will:

  • Complete the Sales Process Training materials to learn Slattery’s selling methods at your own pace, on your own time, wherever you are, replaying modules as many times as necessary.
  • Bring your questions and real-time sales challenges to our weekly private group coaching calls for insight, feedback, and role-play practice.
  • Use our powerful templates to develop strategic assets and language unique to your sales, with our consulting support.
  • Get expert private consulting to help you develop powerful language around your Differentiating Value; enhanced responses to stalls & put-offs; competitive strategy, and more!
  • Share your deals, questions, challenges, progress, and wins to the other members of our private hand-picked community for feedback, encouragement, and insight.

Within the first 60 days,

you could have total clarity

about your Differentiating Value

(which probably isn't what you think it is)

and develop powerful language around it

so you can confidently compete

in the marketplace with premium pricing.

With D.V. clarity,

you can start defending your price,

protecting your margins,

targeting the right customers,

and avoiding commoditization.

And that's just the first 60 days.

Where do you want to be in 6 months?


only half of salespeople make quota.

...and 'normal' is gone.

The sales game has changed.

It's harder than ever to get in front of the right customer.

Sales calls are mostly happening online.

More conversations fit on the calendar.

The sales cycle is faster, tougher, and less forgiving of weak skills and processes.

There has never been a better time to invest in your professional skills.

Starting NOW will allow you to compete effectively in a changing marketplace.

Who's a great fit for the Slattery Sales Program?

Clients like you!

Independent service providers & consultants

You're a specialist in a particular process, technology, or service. Since you're a closely-held business, you feel it acutely when a sale takes longer than anticipated to close, or when prospects pressure you on pricing or concessions.

Independent agents: insurance, realty, financial planning, employee benefits

You're probably not part of the big-name organizations that already have training departments who know everything. You may have customer-service people working with you, but business development falls squarely on your shoulders. You must grow your business by selling your products and services. This can be a difficult sale when your products, like insurance plans, look exactly the same as your competitors, but we can help you offer value in other ways that differentiate you.

Manufacturing, Distribution, and Logistics Firms and Reps

You are an independent rep selling solutions, or you lead a sales team that does. Your sales process is complex, but not impossibly convoluted. You don't have an internal training department, but your salespeople definitely need guidance and solid training. If you lead a team, we recommend starting the Slattery Sales Program at least 3 months ahead of any salespeople you want to send through for training and coaching; we've found that sales teams succeed best when their leaders understand this material ahead of them.

SaaS (Software as a Service) providers

You've built amazing solutions. You have an entrepreneurial mindset. You don't want to take the time to send your people off to training. You need delivery that works. (Again, we recommend that you start the Slattery Sales Program at least 3 months ahead of any salespeople you want to send through for training and coaching; we've found that sales teams succeed best when their leaders understand this material ahead of them.) You will probably find our Differentiation coaching most valuable.

Account Managers

You've been entrusted with maintaining and nurturing your organization's clients and the valuable revenue streams they provide. You are responsible for continually selling to them long after the initial deal has been closed, and your selling skills are critical! Competitors (internal and external) are always circling, ready to convince your client to move away. This selling system teaches you not only the selling skills necessary to maximize these accounts, but also how to get ahead of the RFP/RFQ process.

Sales Leaders (VPs of Sales, CEOs)

You're the Sales VP or the CEO of a business doing a between $10 million and $100 million annual revenue. Your sales process is long and complex but not impossibly convoluted. You don't have an internal training department, but your salespeople definitely need guidance and solid training. We recommend starting the Slattery Sales Program at least 3 months ahead of any salespeople you want to send through for training and coaching; we've found that sales teams succeed best when their leaders understand this material ahead of them.

Independent salespeople

Congratulations! The fact that you're even looking into this level of professional development means you're exactly the kind of person we'd LOVE to work with. Want to build a career with incredible selling skills? You're in the right place. Some people spend six figures on MBAs and advanced degrees. For a fraction of the cost, you can invest in less than one year learning elite skills with high-impact coaching, and put yourself in the top category of valuable salespeople (which every company needs!).

The Slattery Sales Program is for you if...

  • You're tired of hearing "think it overs" from your prospects.
  • You're tired of getting requests for ridiculous concessions (like payment terms and pricing).
  • You're tired of missed sales forecasts (or your banker is!).
  • You can bring enterprise-wide value for the C-suite, but you're being forced to talk to "Nerdley".
  • Your prospects don't understand the cost of delaying working with you (no matter what you tell them).
  • You face last-minute additions to the cast of characters in your client's decision process, who have their own agenda and force the deal through another (expensive!) iteration.
  • You're still being asked to match the price of competitors who aren't as good (and it hurts your margins).


Coaching is the difference between information and transformation.

We all have a graveyard of classes, courses, and seminars that didn't stick! To really implement change, you need to practice the skills you learn with coached repetition and right feedback.

In the Slattery Sales Program, we will help you apply the material you learn to your sales process with real-time practice, feedback, correction, guidance, and coaching, to make your long-term transformation sustainable.

You can close more deals with higher revenues, lower expenses, and stronger margins in less time.

It's possible!

  • You can get in front of the right customers.
  • You can protect your deals from ludicrous concessions.
  • You can preserve your premium pricing, even when up against low-priced competitors.
  • You can secure your wins, even when internal & external competitors attempt to sabotage them.
  • You can help your prospects understand the cost of delaying doing business with you.
  • You can lower your selling costs by not spending time with unqualified prospects.

You can have completely different results in six months... if you start today.

You have a choice.

You could patch together more expensive seminars, trainings, and consultants... and try to pick out & pull together the relevant pieces to fix the gaps in your process, hoping some of them will stick... and then do it all over again when your team grows later.

Or you could invest in sustainable whole-process transformation that brings personalized coaching, support, and guidance to your efforts so you can see completely different results 6 months from now, with long-term changes solidly implemented.


Why is the Slattery Sales Program 6 months long?

Over 35 years of training, we’ve learned that it takes a minimum of 6 months (or 2+ years if they’re stubborn) for a salesperson to learn and adopt new selling behaviors successfully.  They need time to apply the economic and behavioral principles they’re learning through practice, repetition, and role-play. 

Six months in the Slattery Sales Program provides enough time to watch the modules at least twice (repetition is critical to learn this material), and do all the exercises inside. It also provides enough time to bring your ‘real-time’ situations into the coaching calls as they happen.  “Here’s a stall that just came up this week.  What should I say?”

Is a shorter version available?

We are SO committed to your transformation as a salesperson that we do not offer a shorter program. (We could, but not with integrity.) In our experience, six months is the perfect length of time to learn and practice these incredible new skills.

The next 6 months will happen whether you invest in your own professional progress or not... Where would you like to be at the end of the next 6 months?

Do I get lifetime access to the materials?

We are SO committed to your transformation as a salesperson that we do not offer lifetime access to the materials. The 6-month 'finish line' is built-in accountability; any longer simply enables procrastination. And as your coaches, we will not set you up for that.

What if I can't show up at the scheduled times?

That's the beauty of the Slattery Sales Program - there are hardly any times to schedule around! We use a hybrid method of prerecorded training and high-impact live coaching. Your questions for coaching calls are pre-submitted, and we'll answer them thoroughly even if you can't make it live. We record the coaching calls so you can review the replays as many times as you need to during your time in the Slattery Sales Program. We avoid the old "I can't make that meeting time work!" conundrum. This entire program can fit into your busy life!

Do you offer guarantees or refunds?

Your progress to the next level is entirely up to you. We cannot guarantee that you will show up and do the work required to level up, so we do not guarantee any particular results. This is like graduate school; only you can guarantee your progress.

We, however, will show up 100% for you. Whether or not you come to coaching calls, prepare your questions, or apply the material, we will allocate our time and resources to you solidly for the next six months. For that reason, our work is not refundable.

What if I have a team I want to send through for training?

Packages are available; we always recommend that the sales leader (VP of sales, or CEO of the business) start the transformation process about 60 days ahead of their team. We've found that the team sees more success if the leader is just a bit ahead of them. So go ahead and apply to start the Slattery Sales Program, and then we can discuss team training and coaching options.

How can I get my company to pay for this?

Please hear us on this: Over 35+ years of training, coaching, and consulting, we've worked with over 2,400 companies and THOUSANDS of salespeople, and have concluded one important point: Those who invest in themselves (we call them "volunteers") see exponentially higher results than those who are sent by their paying company (we call them "conscripts"). It's simply a factor of whose skin is in the game.

So while we'll certainly work with your employer if you'd like us to, we highly recommend investing in yourself, yourself. Then YOU'RE in control of your partnership with us, your progress with us, and your investment in your future. It's worth it.

What Results do our Clients See?

Differentiation Clarity

Our clients gain clarity about what sets them apart in the marketplace.  This allows them to effectively compete on value, not price – a more rewarding sales game.

Revenue Increases

Our clients usually see an increase in margins first (as deals are qualified and closed faster), and then in top-line revenue (as pipelines fill). 

Volume Increases

Our clients usually see an increase in sales volume as they become more skilled in targeting the right prospects and qualifying deals.

“Slattery has a unique ability to not only talk about the constructs of sales and the things that are happening, but to put them into real-life situations.”

“Slattery has worked with so many sales professionals and knows so many techniques, Slattery's process is absolutely amazing.

“Most sales presenters are theoretical. Slattery shared real examples of companies and the sales solutions that worked for them.”

Coaching is the difference between information and transformation.

Apply Now

In 6 months, you can completely upgrade your sales process, behavior and results with:

  • Slattery sales process and methods training, both basic and advanced (self-paced, access from anywhere in the world, replay as needed).
  • Personalized Coaching on Weekly Private Group Coaching Calls to go deep on your questions, objections, role-plays, practice, and deals in process so you truly transform your selling skills and sales process.
  • Valuable templates and exercises to help you enhance your strategy, outreach assets, and language.
  • Expert Private Consulting on your work to level up your skills (including your work on Strategic Differentiation, cold outreach scripts, responses to stalls, presentations, forecasts, and more!).
  • Exclusive Community of hand-picked sales professionals in this private program.

Stop buying expensive trainings & seminars that don't stick.

Invest in sustainable transformation with the Slattery Sales Program.

You are invited to join us.

For 6 valuable months, you can learn our world-class sales process and gain elite skills, with incredible coaching support and personalized feedback.

By filling out the quick form to apply (just 2 questions, plus your contact info), you'll help us determine if we can bring great return on investment to your sales process. (If we can't, we'll let you know!)

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