Slattery Sales Group Case Study

MidDel Consulting Case Study

MidDel Consulting, which has offices in Minneapolis and Houston, is an information technology and business consulting company that specializes in the energy industry. Like many consulting companies, MidDel’s clients want to speak directly with the subject matter experts during sales meetings. Because they are not trained sales professionals, Founder and President Scott Levin knew that his team needed sales training but wanted to develop a sales process to maintain profit building for years to come.

After seeing Terry Slattery present at a sales seminar, Scott spoke with Terry and determined that he was the best fit for MidDel’s sales training needs. “Most sales presenters are theoretical. Terry Slattery shared real examples of companies and the sales solutions that worked for them.” says Scott.

Slattery Sales Group worked with MidDel Consulting to create a customized group training plan. Terry worked with the MidDel team for five blocks of three hours over several months. The sales process was documented as the team went through the training and is used to keep the sales cycle in motion.

Terry helped the MidDel team identify their differentiating value (DV) and learn how to communicate the DV in their sales pitches. With his help, they developed real examples to share during their sales meetings and questions (and responses) for the decision makers. He also had the group role play in a larger setting. “Everyone enjoyed working with him. Terry is very hands-on and we felt there was a lot of value in his experience and what he uncovered about our firm,” says Scott.

By having a sales process in place, the MidDel team has improved its ability to stay in front of prospects and made significant improvements to its close rate. They are also better equipped to drive home their DV and demonstrate the value of choosing their company. Since implementing the sales training in 2016, sales have increased by about 40 percent. MidDel Consulting recently hired two new sales people and is sending them to training.

“Our business is specialized. When we hire people to help us, they often don’t understand what we do. But Terry added value through his tailored approach – it really fit our business.” – Scott Levin, Founder and President of MidDel Consulting

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