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For those who want to learn more about the research that’s gone into our programs or who want to further develop their skills, we’ve assembled this page of resources. Of course, if you’re looking for help with a specific issue or don’t see what you’re looking for here, we encourage you to call us.
Slattery Sales Group - What Would Terry Do?

Online Training Program

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What Would Terry Do?

Video/Audio Training

With exclusive access to the What Would Terry Do? coaching and call preparation program, you will develop a proven set of skills that will reduce the time you spend in unproductive sales presentations…and increase your close rate.

  • First call introductions
  • Identifying the real buyer
  • When to say no
  • Identifying and eliminating competitive threats
  • Winning at the pivotal point where sales are made or lost 

This program reinforces the Slattery Sales Boot Camp experience with exclusive access to Terry’s proven techniques. Access them whenever you need them!

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Our Resources

Check out these free resources for help getting started. 


Terry has been a guest on numerous podcasts. Check out these interviews where he covers topics like sales forecasting and protecting your margins.

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White Papers

Grow your sales skills with these white papers from Terry's mentor, Dave Kurlan.

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Recommended Reading

We've read hundreds of sales books. Here is our definitive list of the best books to increase your sales acumen.

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From 2-hour advanced training sessions to 2-day intensive sales boot camps, Slattery Sales Group offers effective sales instruction that will enable you to vastly increase your top-line revenue and decrease your selling costs.

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