Sales Force Evaluation

How do you know whether your salespeople are trainable?

What if you knew before you sent them to training that it would work and had an idea of how much improvement you could expect to see? You could make a solid ROI-based decision. This is why we often recommend companies start with the Sales Evaluation.

Before you sign your sales force up for training, you want to know if that training is going to be effective. That’s only partially determined by the sales training you choose — it’s also determined by how well your salespeople fit their positions and your company.

At Slattery Sales Group, we’ve found it’s very important to know who has the commitment and ability, discover exactly what they need to excel, and how long it will take. Once we know that, we have a good idea how much we can hold them accountable to produce. When you know that your salespeople can improve and by how much, you know if it’s worth the investment.

This assessment is a comprehensive analysis of salespeople's strengths and weaknesses as they relate to selling, account management, and new business development. It describes their every strength and weakness, and an example is provided that explains how the strength or weakness affects them in the field. Some direction as to how they might begin to overcome a weakness is also included.

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Slattery Sales Group Consulting Firm Case Study

Consulting Firm Case Study


In 2015, the leadership of a Minneapolis-based consulting firm recognized the need to enhance the sales skills of its subject matter experts. After multiple attempts to retain dedicated salespeople, the small business realized it wasn’t structured to do so successfully.

They reached out to Slattery Sales Group.

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