Success Stories

With experience working in countless industries, we've turned thousands of salespeople into masters of complex sales.

What you can expect

We’ve worked with over 2,000 organizations and predictably we see three categories of changes happen:


Margins start to go up as soon as the salespeople learn how to effectively articulate their differentiating value.

The Right Prospects

We see your salespeople start selling to the right prospects. They may have been talking to the right organizations but the wrong people in them. The sales cycle becomes shorter because the right prospect can see the price they’ll pay for delaying implementation.

The Right Salespeople

The bar for admission to your sales force goes up. You begin asking your people to rise to a new level of performance and new hires are evaluated for their fit with this new sales culture.

Case Studies

Consulting Firm Case Study

In 2015, the leadership of a Minneapolis-based consulting firm recognized the need to enhance the sales skills of its subject matter experts. After multiple attempts to retain dedicated salespeople, the small business realized it wasn’t structured to do so successfully.

They reached out to Slattery Sales Group.

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Slattery Sales Group Consulting Firm Case Study

MidDel Consulting Case Study

MidDel Consulting, which has offices in Minneapolis and Houston, is an information technology and business consulting company that specializes in the energy industry. Like many consulting companies, MidDel’s clients want to speak directly with the subject matter experts during sales meetings. Because they are not trained sales professionals, Founder and President Scott Levin knew that his team needed sales training but wanted to develop a sales process to maintain profit-building for years to come.

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Slattery Sales Group MidDel Consulting Case Study

Decision Processes International Case Study

How do you sell a service to clients who don’t know they need it and may need to check their egos just to listen to your ideas? Decision Processes International (DPI) is a global consultancy full of strategically brilliant and accomplished business people who offer powerful strategic help for companies — but they found themselves selling to the wrong prospects and stuck in endless sales cycles with low hit rates.

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Slattery Sales Group Decision Processes International Case Study

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