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What if the next salesperson you hire was at least as good as the best salesperson you already have? That's what the Objective Management Group (OMG) Sales Candidate Assessment ensures.

The OMG Sales Candidate Assessment provides easy, instant access to the same accurate, insightful results that thousands of successful companies rely upon to choose salespeople that not only can, but will, sell your products or services in your competitive market. Candidates complete a comprehensive set of questions and the results are emailed to you providing a roadmap for a focused interview.

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Slattery Sales Group MidDel Consulting Case Study

MidDel Consulting Case Study


MidDel Consulting, which has offices in Minneapolis and Houston, is an information technology and business consulting company that specializes in the energy industry. Like many consulting companies, MidDel’s clients want to speak directly with the subject matter experts during sales meetings. Because they are not trained sales professionals, Founder and President Scott Levin knew that his team needed sales training but wanted to develop a sales process to maintain profit-building for years to come.

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