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Stop leaving revenue and margins on the table. At Slattery Sales Group, we turn good salespeople into great salespeople.

Slattery Sales Group - What We Do

As you think about targeting a group of prospects and going through the process to acquire them as customers, which parts give you the greatest concern?

  • We’re not getting enough at-bats. We need more opportunities to compete.
  • We’re getting enough at-bats, but we end up having to match the price of someone who isn’t as good as we are.
  • We get them to the first round, but then they start negotiating down, we can’t defend.

Do you need help with your top line first or your margins?

Margins are a clue that your salesforce can’t defend your company’s differentiation. Our Differentiating Value and Competitive Analysis services described below can quickly help you understand what makes you unique and demonstrably better than your competition.

If you need top-line growth, consider a Sales Force Assessment or sending your sales team to our Boot Camp to dramatically improve the way they sell.

Our Training Services

Sales Force Evaluation

We'll identify each of your salespeople's strengths and areas of improvement and then administer a custom-tailored development plan.

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Sales Boot Camps

Our Boot Camps are all about chiseling sales muscle and learning how to control the battle for maximum closing ratios.

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Our Advanced Training Workshops offer targeted instruction through 2-hour seminars that you can attend in-person or via webinar.

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Custom Private Training

We can get your entire sales team up to speed with custom-tailored private sales training.

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Upgrade Your Sales Force

Put stronger players on the field by making the best sales hires possible.

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Online Video/Audio Training

Can't attend our training in person? Check out the Slattery Sales Group online sales training.

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Forever change your way of selling

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Interested in our training events?

From 2-hour advanced training sessions to 2-day intensive sales boot camps, Slattery Sales Group offers effective sales instruction that will enable you to vastly increase your top-line revenue and decrease your selling costs.

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Additional Services

Our clients can choose a single service or any combination of our core services:

Differentiating Value Workshop

Discover your differentiating value and how to leverage them throughout the sales process. Often what companies think differentiates them from their competitors is not the real core differentiating value (DV) that show prospects why they need to choose your company. In addition to discovering your DV, this exercise examines your sales process and shows your salespeople how to express your DV throughout that process, and to the right people, so that you’re not competing as a commodity. You’ll develop powerful language about what makes your offering unique and demonstrably better, plus the value it delivers to your customers.

Slattery Sales Group Differentiating Value Workshop

Competitive Analysis Workshop

Dig into the gritty details of how your sales force is selling against your competition and discover effective new ways to deal with the issues your competitors are raising with your prospects. This is especially valuable in industries like IT when your have a competitor who has released a newer product than yours. You still need to get a good price for your product while you’re developing the next generation and this is where the competitive analysis really makes money for our clients. This module can be purchased alone or as part of the DV module.

Slattery Sales Group Competitive Analysis Workshop

Revenue Forecast Workshop

What could you do with a much more accurate revenue forecast? These forecasts are key for boards, bankers, and charting your company’s future. We can remove most of the unreliability from the forecasts created by the average sales force and create a robust forecasting process that’s easily wedded to most CRM systems to avoid redundant data entry.

We give sales forces the tools, training, and processes they need to make significant improvements in the close rate, the quality of new clients, and the price they’re realizing for your services or products. Call us today to find out the best way to deliver this for your company.

Slattery Sales Group Revenue Forecast Workshop

Private Sales Training

We can get your entire sales team up to speed with custom-tailored private sales training.

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