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Since 1985, Slattery Sales Group has been delivering our unique salesforce training to over 2,000 clients worldwide — from one-person professional service entities to top-ranked, Fortune organizations such as 3M, Blue Cross, Philips and Wells Fargo. We help companies increase revenue by transforming their sales processes and training their salesforce to dramatically increase their close rate and reduce the overall cost of the sale. Our vision is to fully empower salespeople to win at complex sales!


What We Do

Increase your revenues, bolster your margins, shorten your sales process, and compete more effectively through strategic differentiation. Explore how we can support your business with our services below! 


Sales Insight Evaluations

How do you know which of your salespeople have the potential to be great? To effectively train and leverage your salespeople, you have to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. Using the industry standard Objective Management Group Evaluation, we create a personalized road map to help you build a salesforce that wins at complex sales.


Slattery Sales Summit

Our Sales Summit is a great onboarding tool into the Slattery Sales method. In this 2-day summit, we deliver the best of Slattery Sales Training distilled into powerful, actionable sessions, to give your sales force all the tools needed to win complex sales, increase top-line revenue, and decrease selling costs.


Advanced Program

Don't let your investment go to waste. Once your sales team has completed our Slattery Sales Summit, continue to build their sales muscle with the Advanced Program. This 6-month program with online training, weekly coaching, and consulting reinforce and build on the essential skills needed for success with complex sales.

Our Achievements

Since 1985, Slattery Sales Group has worked with thousands of clients to help them transform the way they sell and increase their top-line revenue.






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Success Stories

"Terry taught me how to develop relationships in a very non-threatening manner, nurture and ask questions without being an interrogator, how to ask business appropriate questions no matter how sensitive the subject might be, and how to be a consultative salesperson."


Commercial Griffin Companies

"I've worked with the Slattery system for 15 years and our organization has for a lot longer. It's one of the fundamental reasons we have been so successful at acquiring new clients as well as keeping existing customers. I'd highly recommend Terry and his system to anyone trying to take their sales organization to the next level."


CEBS, REBC Associated Financial Group

"Terry Slattery's insight into determining what the differentiating value of your product or service is versus your competitors has been transformative for me in my selling career. I have worked with Terry for over 25 years. His methodology to understand a customer's pain and what they are giving up by not doing business with you is genius."


Decision Processes International


"Best Sales Training Firm - Midwest USA"

Education and Training Awards 2022

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