Slattery Sales Group was founded by Terry Slattery in 1985, and has since helped more than 2,400 companies and tens of thousands of salespeople lift their sales and optimize their growth through strategic competitive differentiation, talent-alignment clarity, and enhanced tactical execution in the marketplace.

Today, Slattery Sales Group offers a variety of live and self-paced options to help sellers and teams close more opportunities in less time at higher margins.

Our 3 areas of focus:

Each one is important on its own, but together they lift the performance of the entire organization:


So you can command high margins and avoid being commoditized, even in highly competitive sales.


So you can optimize the fit between your team's skills and the sale you need executed in the marketplace.


So you can have fiction-free forecasts, shorter sales cycles, and higher closing rates without extra busywork.

Meet Us

Jennica Dixon

President, Slattery Sales Group

Jennica Dixon comes from a background in banking and finance, with experience in both the corporate and not-for-profit industries. As Terry Slattery’s daughter, she has had a front-row seat over the decades to help countless clients completely transform their sales results. Today she's passionately committed to empowering salespeople to win more at higher margins and helping great companies grow painlessly.

Terry Slattery

Founder, Slattery Sales Group

Terry Slattery left a successfulhigh-tech sales career to found the Slattery Sales Group(SSG) in 1985, where he still teaches and helps salespeopleand their leadership succeed in complex sales. Terry is alsothe creator of Wimp Junction® — a program that teacheshow to recognize and eliminate nonproductive sales behavior, especially during complex sales — and has helped tensof thousands of salespeople improve their sales productivity.

It would be a privilege to work with you.

Please consider joining us in our Slattery Sales Program.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at info@slatterysales.com.