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Get Better Sales Results with Better Sales Training.

Slattery Training.


You're a salesperson. Relationship manager. Sales team leader. Entrepreneur. Independent service provider. Consultant. Independent insurance agent. Financial planner. Employee benefits expert. Manufacturing rep. SaaS provider. Distribution & logistics rep. Account manager.

Whatever your title, role, or industry, you run conversations that generate revenue for your business.


And today, that's more challenging than ever.


Your prospects are telling you, "Times are tough!"

You're seeing fewer ideal prospects in your deal pipeline.

Your prospects are dragging out the length of your sales.

Whether you're looking to strengthen your all-around sales skills or you want to focus on growth in one area, we have programs tailored to your needs.

Sales Insights Evaluations

Your personalized road map to building a sales force that wins at complex sales.

Slattery Sales Summit

An intensive 2-day summit to onboard your sales force into the Slattery Method gives your sales team the foundational tools they need to win! 

Advanced Program

This advanced 6-month program provides training, coaching, and consulting services that will help you to control and win complex sales.